Source code for tradeexecutor.webhook.api

"""API function entrypoints."""

import os
import logging
import time
from importlib.metadata import version

from pyramid.request import Request
from pyramid.response import Response, FileResponse
from pyramid.view import view_config

from tradeexecutor.cli.log import get_ring_buffer_handler
from tradeexecutor.state.metadata import Metadata
from import JSONFileStore
from tradeexecutor.state.validator import validate_state_serialisation, validate_nested_state_dict
from tradeexecutor.strategy.summary import StrategySummary
from tradeexecutor.strategy.run_state import RunState
from tradeexecutor.webhook.error import exception_response

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@view_config(route_name='home', permission='view') def web_home(request: Request): """/ endpoint. The homepage displays plain text version banner. """ url = request.application_url run_state: RunState = request.registry["run_state"] # return Response(f'Chuck the Trade Executor, running strategy {run_state.executor_id}, version {run_state.version.tag}, our URL is {url}\nFor more information see\nRemember to play Angry Birds.', content_type="text/plain")
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_ping', renderer='json', permission='view') def web_ping(request: Request): """/ping endpoint Unauthenticated endpoint to check the serverPlain is up. """ return {"ping": "pong"}
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_metadata', renderer='json', permission='view') def web_metadata(request: Request): """/metadata endpoint Executor metadata. """ metadata: Metadata = request.registry["metadata"] execution_state: RunState = request.registry["run_state"] # Retrofitted with the running flag, # not really a nice API design. # Do not mutate a global state in place/ summary = StrategySummary(, short_description=metadata.short_description, long_description=metadata.long_description, icon_url=metadata.icon_url, started_at=time.mktime(metadata.started_at.timetuple()), executor_running=execution_state.executor_running, summary_statistics=execution_state.summary_statistics, on_chain_data=metadata.on_chain_data, ) # Catch NaN's and other data JavaScript cannot eat data = summary.to_dict() validate_nested_state_dict(data) r = Response(content_type="application/json") r.text = summary.to_json(allow_nan=False) return r
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_notify', renderer='json', permission='view') def web_notify(request: Request): """Notify the strategy executor about the availability of new data.""" # TODO return {"status": "TODO"}
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_state', renderer='json', permission='view') def web_state(request: Request): """/state endpoint. Serve the latest full state of the bog. :return 404: If the state has not been yet created """ # Does "zero copy" WSGI file serving store: JSONFileStore = request.registry["store"] fname = store.path if not os.path.exists(fname): logger.warning("Someone is eager to access the serverPlain. IP:%s, user agent:%s", request.client_addr, request.user_agent) return exception_response(404, detail="Status file not yet created") assert 'wsgi.file_wrapper' in request.environ, "We need wsgi.file_wrapper or we will be too slow" r = FileResponse(content_type="application/json", request=request, path=fname) return r
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_status', renderer='json', permission='view') def web_status(request: Request): """/status endpoint. Return if the trade-executor is still alive or the exception that crashed it. See :py:class:`tradeexecutor.strategy.execution_state.ExecutionState` for the return dta. """ run_state: RunState = request.registry["run_state"] r = Response(content_type="application/json") r.text = run_state.make_exportable_copy().to_json() return r
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_logs', renderer='json', permission='view') def web_logs(request: Request): """/logs endpoint. Return if the trade-executor is still alive or the exception that crashed it. See :py:class:`tradeexecutor.strategy.execution_state.ExecutionState` for the return dta. """ ring_buffer_handler = get_ring_buffer_handler() assert ring_buffer_handler is not None, "In-memory logging not initialised" logs = ring_buffer_handler.export() return logs
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_source', permission='view') def web_source(request: Request): """/source endpoint. Return the source code of the strategy as plain text. """ execution_state: RunState = request.registry["run_state"] r = Response(content_type="text/plain") r.text = execution_state.source_code or "" return r
[docs]@view_config(route_name='web_visualisation', permission='view') def web_visulisation(request: Request): """/visualisation endpoint. Return strategy images. """ execution_state: RunState = request.registry["run_state"] type = request.params.get("type", "small") theme = request.params.get("theme", "light")"Reading visualisation image, last updated %s", execution_state.visualisation.last_refreshed_at) if type == "small": if theme == "light": data = execution_state.visualisation.small_image else: data = execution_state.visualisation.small_image_dark if not data: return exception_response(501, detail=f"Image data not available. It will be generated on the first strategy cycle.") r = Response(content_type="image/png") r.body = data return r elif type =="large": if theme == "light": data = execution_state.visualisation.large_image else: data = execution_state.visualisation.large_image_dark if not data: return exception_response(501, detail=f"Image data not available. It will be generated on the first strategy cycle.") r = Response(content_type="image/svg+xml") r.body = data return r else: # Use 501 Not implemented error code return exception_response(501, detail=f"Not implemented. Unknown type {type}")