Source code for tradeexecutor.webhook.error

"""Web server error management."""
import json
import logging

from pyramid.httpexceptions import status_map
from pyramid.request import Request
from pyramid.response import Response

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def convert_to_api_error_response(e: Exception, code=401): logger.error("An error in API endpoint: %s", e) logger.exception(e) data = json.dumps({"error": str(e), "class": str(e.__class__)}) return Response(data, status=code, content_type="application/json", charset="utf-8")
[docs]def error_tween_factory(handler, registry): # See def error_tween_factory(request): try: response = handler(request) exc_info = getattr(request, 'exc_info', None) if exc_info is not None: # Never commit on exception"Aborting the transaction") # rollback_all_sessions(request) return convert_to_api_error_response(exc_info) return response except Exception as e: # rollback_all_sessions(request)"Error handler borked out %s", e) logger.exception(e) return convert_to_api_error_response(e) return error_tween_factory
[docs]def exception_view(exc: Exception, request: Request): # rollback_all_sessions(request)"Error handler borked out %s", exc) logger.exception(exc) return convert_to_api_error_response(exc)
[docs]def exception_response(status_code, **kw): """Creates an HTTP exception based on a status code. The values passed as ``kw`` are provided to the exception's constructor. Example: .. code-block:: python return exception_response(404, detail="Status file not yet created") Example: .. code-block:: python raise exception_response(404) # raises an HTTPNotFound exception. """ logger.warning("Web server returned an error: %d %s", status_code, kw) exc = status_map[status_code](**kw) return exc