Source code for tradeexecutor.webhook.http_log

"""Web server logging.

- Output HTTP request and response metadata to a separate log file

import datetime
import logging
import threading
from pathlib import Path

from pyramid.registry import Registry
from pyramid.request import Request
from pyramid.response import Response

# Avoid logging.getLogger() here as we do not want this logger as the part of std logging system
http_logger = logging.Logger(name="HTTP traffic")

# Never propagate web logs as root logging output is assuemed to be public.
# IP addresses and such are logged to their own file.
http_logger.propagate = False

#: Unique id for every request - response pair
_req_id_country = 0
_req_lock = threading.Lock()

[docs]def log_tween_factory(handler, registry: Registry): def log_tween(request: Request): global _req_id_country with _req_lock: # Should not timeout ever _req_id_country += 1 # Not atomic req_id = _req_id_country country = request.headers.get("CF-IPCountry") or "<no country>" ip_addr = request.headers.get("CF-Connecting-IP") or "<no CF IP>" # IPv4 or IPv6 user_agent = request.user_agent"HTTP request #%d %s (%s): %s by %s", req_id, ip_addr, country, request.url, user_agent) start = datetime.datetime.utcnow() try: response: Response = handler(request) code = response.status_code end = datetime.datetime.utcnow() duration = end - start"HTTP response #%d %s duration:%s %s", req_id, code, duration, request.url) return response except Exception as e: http_logger.error("HTTP response #%d failed: %s", req_id, e) raise return log_tween
[docs]def configure_http_request_logging(main_log_path: Path) -> logging.Logger: """Configure HTTP requests to be logged to a separate file. Must be called after other loggers have been configured. :param main_log_path: Trade execution log file. We will prepare a log file with HTTP specific entries. """ assert isinstance(main_log_path, Path) log_path = main_log_path.with_suffix(".http.log") fmt = "%(asctime)s %(message)s" formatter = logging.Formatter(fmt) file_handler = logging.FileHandler(log_path) file_handler.setFormatter(formatter) file_handler.setLevel(logging.INFO) http_logger.handlers.clear() http_logger.addHandler(file_handler)"Starting HTTP traffic log at %s", log_path) return http_logger