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"""Individual DEX trade data."""
from dataclasses import dataclass

[docs]@dataclass class Trade: """Individual Uniswap trade. Describe the data structure used for individual trades in DEX trades dataset. - Dataset contains all supported DEX trade across supported blockchains - Based on emitted Solidity events - Data can be cross-referenced to blockchain transactions and log indexed - Trades are Swaps for Uniswap - Dataset focuses on executed price, for market price feed see candle datasets - Trading pairs are normalised to base token - quote token human-readable format, as opposite to raw Uniswap token pairs - The approximate best effort USD exchange rate is included, when available, to calculate US dollar measured impact of trades - Dataset is sorted for the best file compression - trades are not guaranteed to be ordered by time .. note:: Column descriptions not available yet and this module is a placeholder/ Open the Parquet file for the descriptions. `See this blog post for more information <>`__. """