Source code for tradingstrategy.utils.jupyter

"""Helpers to deal with Jupyter Notebook issues."""
import enum
import sys
from typing import Callable, Collection

import pandas as pd
from IPython import get_ipython
from IPython.display import display
from IPython.terminal.interactiveshell import TerminalInteractiveShell


    # E DeprecationWarning: Jupyter is migrating its paths to use standard platformdirs
    # E   given by the platformdirs library.  To remove this warning and
    # E   see the appropriate new directories, set the environment variable
    # E  `JUPYTER_PLATFORM_DIRS=1` and then run `jupyter --paths`.
    # E   The use of platformdirs will be the default in `jupyter_core` v6
    import os
    if "JUPYTER_PLATFORM_DIRS" not in os.environ:
        os.environ["JUPYTER_PLATFORM_DIRS"] = "true"

    from ipykernel.zmqshell import ZMQInteractiveShell
except ImportError:

[docs]class JupyterOutputMode(enum.Enum): """What kind of output Jupyter Notebook supports.""" #: We could not figure out - please debug unknown = "unknown" #: The notebook is run by terminal terminal = "terminal" #: Your normal HTML notebook html = "html"
[docs]def get_notebook_output_mode() -> JupyterOutputMode: """Determine if the Jupyter Notebook supports HTML output.""" assert HAS_JUPYTER_EVENT_LOOP, "Did not detect Jupyter during import time" # See # for discussion ipython = get_ipython() if isinstance(ipython, TerminalInteractiveShell): # Hello ANSI graphics my old friend return JupyterOutputMode.terminal elif isinstance(ipython, ZMQInteractiveShell): # MAke an assumption ZMQ instance is a HTML notebook return JupyterOutputMode.html return JupyterOutputMode.unknown
[docs]def display_with_styles(df: pd.DataFrame, apply_styles_func: Callable): """Display a Pandas dataframe as a table. DataFrame styler objects only support HTML output. If the Jupyter Notebook output does not have HTML support, (it is a command line), then display DataFrame as is without styles. For `apply_style_func` example see :py:method:`tradingstrategy.analysis.portfolioanalyzer.expand_timeline`. :param df: Pandas Dataframe we want to display as a table. :param apply_styles_func: A function to call on DataFrame to add its styles on it. We need to pass this as callable due to Pandas architectural limitations. The function will create styles using `` object. However if styles are applied the resulting object can no longer be displayed in a terminal. Thus, we need to separate the procses of creating dataframe and creating styles and applying them. """ mode = get_notebook_output_mode() if mode == JupyterOutputMode.html: display(apply_styles_func(df)) else: display(df)
[docs]def is_pyodide() -> bool: """Are we running under Pyodide / JupyterLite notebook. `See Pyodide documentation <>`__. """ return sys.platform == 'emscripten'
[docs]def make_clickable(text, url): """Format a value as a clickable link. :param text: Text to display for the link. :param url: URL to link to. :return: HTML string with a clickable link. """ return '<a href="{}">{}</a>'.format(url, text)